Fishing Tips and Tricks to Catch the Best Fish


It does not matter if you are fishing on your own or are alongside the most talented anglers. We are going to give you a list of some tricks and tips that will make fishing more productive and fun. The first thing you can do is mark up your soft baits with indelible markers so that you create realistic bait-fish patterns to the soft-plastic baits. You can get as creative as you can here and since the colors are going to bleed, it will give the bait a more unique and fish-attracting appearance.

It is easy to lose the tiny pieces of terminal tackle but you can slide them on a large snap then attach the snap to the lanyard around your neck. You need to keep the snaps and swivels close to you so that when it is time to re-tie in the middle of a bite. The most dreaded wind knot can be prevented or at least reduced by manually flipping over the bail on the spinning reel after a cast. This will keep the line from twisting as it goes from the bail to the line roller. You can also dress up the jigs with a bare hook, colored tube or feathered Siwash hook. Read spincast reel review here!

It is important that you are able to switch out the different dressed hooks to find the color and style that the fish responds to. This way you will be able to catch more fish. Short-biting fish like sunfish, perch and scup will use their small mouths to grab the dangling end of the bait and tear it from the hook. If you want to stop them from stealing the bait, use the Aberdeen hook with a shank that is long with the small gap. For more info about fishing, visit .

Instead of using a sloppy rag that will have to be thrown away after each outing, you can pick a pack if plastic kitchen scrubbing pads. These are easy to store and they will be great for gripping eels. You will find that the eel slime will rinse right off and you can wash it in the dishwasher between the trips. If you want to fish for shallow-water striped bass, you can use a file to shave down the plastic bill on a swimming plug. If you slowly retrieve, the plug is going to stay on the surface making just a light wiggle. Follow these tips to catch the best fish. Purchase the best Garmin fishfinder GPS combo here!